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Photography and Cinematography Training in Buckinghamshire

Hello and welcome to the online home of Training byLUMIERE.  At the heart of this photography educational offering is a small core team connected to a large network of industry partners.  You can read who we are and find out more about our backgrounds below.  We have crafted the photography training school from a set of strong values and a desire to provide intimate, supportive, training to fill the knowledge and confidence gaps that really matter.   

Do you aspire to be a Professional Photographer?

Many people aspire to earning a living from their creative passion and we are offering an alternative experience to the traditional photography education system for those interested in a professional career in photography.  Critically we are different from other training offerings because the team are active and current in the industry – shooting, marketing and selling to customers every day.  We know first hand the ups and downs, the successes and the failures and we will share all this with you in an honest yet supportive way.

Truly Relevant Photography Training

Running a photography business today requires both creative/technical skills and business knowledge in equal measure.  We believe the strength of our offering lies in the fact that we are full time working pros: Kate has run her own photography business since 2010 - www.katehopewellsmith.com and together we run luxury photography, filming and aerial business - www.bylumiere.co.uk. All of the content that we teach is based on years of experience of running very successful photography businesses, workshops and mentoring programmes.  


We have tried to express what 'Training byLumiere' is in this short video.  You can watch behind the scenes videos here and see our student gallery here

Our Values:

Authentic {real and genuine, true to ourselves}
Relevant {have significant or demonstrable bearing on the subject}
Current {aware of what is happening, accepted and prevalent at the moment}
Proficient {skilled and experienced in an art, occupation or branch of knowledge}
Honest {tell the truth and able to be trusted, marked by integrity}
Approachable {friendly and easy to talk to} 
Assured {show skill and confidence}
Supportive {give help and encouragement, keep from losing courage}

Meet The Team

Kate Hopewell-Smith

Kate Hopewell-Smith


Kate is a UK Nikon Ambassador and owner of her own successful photography business. She plays an active role in the industry and is a monthly magazine columnist, features writer, public speaker, trainer and mentor. Before becoming a professional photographer she worked in Fine Art Publishing, Advertising, Television Marketing and Brand Consultancy.

She is responsible for General Management, Marketing, Education & Photography Content.

You should know: She says it as it is...

Brent Kirkman

Brent Kirkman


Brent spent 25 years in the global IT sector before focusing on his true passion of cinematography, photography and aerial film. He is a man who can multi task - flipping from stills to film without hesitation. He loves to fly and now uses his pilots license when drone work is commissioned. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and has built and run companies and worked in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Brent is responsible for IT, Operations, Finance & Film Content

You should know: He will be reading your body language...

Becky Foote

Becky Foote

Operations Manager

Becky studied Law at University and then went on to do a postgraduate certificate in Management. She was working in HR when her husband contacted Kate about shooting their wedding (photography wasn't a priority for her at this stage). Following the wedding Becky emailed Kate to ask if she needed some part time help. 4 years (and a child and a dog later) she continues to be at the heart of Kate's photography business and will be the team member training you all in the importance of professional business practice.

Becky is responsible for Office Management, Legal & General Operations.

You should know: She doesn’t always offer sugar with her medicine...