How our Photography and Business Mentoring Works

To us the word ‘mentor’ suggests an ongoing role of advisor or guide and we want to be able to offer intensive 1to1 training which can either be used over a period of time to help you grow in confidence and knowledge or in a full or half day session.   Mentoring can be booked on an hourly basis or you can book longer periods at a reduced rate.  Exactly how you use the time is up to you, some people prefer to learn face to face whilst others benefit more from frequent communication on email, skype or phone.   You can ask any of the core team to help with your needs - covering all aspects of the Foundation Programme Module content, portfolio reviews etc.  Normally mentoring happens here but we can also travel to you - particularly if you would like a location training shoot somewhere specific (travel costs will be additional). 


Mentoring for Professional Photographers

The individual mentoring that we offer is specifically aimed at photographers who already have a business and are struggling with certain areas - for some the focus will be very much on improving technical and lighting skills and for others it might be much more about business development (pricing, positioning, marketing, SEO and business practice). Due to Brent's 25 years in IT we offer consulting around the important area of data backup and workflow solutions.


Pricing your Photography Business

Hands down this is the biggest subject that we train and mentor fellow photographers on and Brent has developed an indispensable pricing calculator that will enable you to determine a billable hourly rate that will deliver your required turnover.   This ability to forecast will ensure you run your photography business with a clear understanding of what is required of you to be profitable and the expected associated costs of running your business.  


Photography Skills Training

As full time photographers and cinematographers we are constantly practicing our craft in live, pressured environments and honing and expanding our own skills.  Many photographers stuggle with technical or creative elements which can have a negative impact on their confidence with client shoots.  We fill these critial knowledge gaps and help develop your skills so that you can take your photography business to the next level. 


Marketing and SEO for Photographers

Most photographers recognise the importance of marketing but struggle to know what to spend their time and potentially money on to ensure they effectively build and maintain awareness with the right customer base.   There is no ‘golden bullet’ and photography marketing today is made up of many facets and areas for consideration. Marketing a photography business is an ongoing time commitment because the truth is that ‘businesses never flatline – they are either in growth or decline…’. We help businesses create marketing and SEO strategies including keyword and competitor analysis with a focus on building organic and sustainable traffic. 


Diversifying Your Photography Business

Some established photographers wish to expand and diversify by adding a new specialism to their offering.  For example Juniper Green wanted to move into Wedding Photography in addition to portraits and newborn.  Following a mentoring programme she rebranded, built a portfolio which included imagery from second shooting at weddings with us and at the start of her 2nd year she had confirmed 16 weddings with enquiries still coming in. 


Branding for Photographers

Kate spent her early career working in marketing and branding and has written many magazine articles on the importance of branding for photographers. Most of the businesses we mentor need to undertake a re-branding process to ensure that they are positioned in the relevant market sector for the required pricing strategy. As a result we now work very closely with a brand designer who really gets it - she is called Andie and her work can be seen on her Create Branding website. 


Due to our weekends being committed to weddings/portrait shoots we schedule the mentoring sessions on weekdays.


Mentoring Hourly Rates:

1 hour = £125


4 hours = £450

(either as a half day or used over a period of time)


8 hours = £875 

(either as a full day or used over a period of time)


12 hours = £1300