Photography & Cinematography Training

Photography Mentoring

Whilst you will learn an enormous amount within the group module sessions we believe that everyone benefits substantially from 1to1 mentoring tailored specifically to your needs.   

We will manage your individual mentoring allocation of 10 hours to ensure all the relevant gaps are filled – focusing on your business or photography skills as required. The mentoring can be done in person, on skype, email or phone according to your needs and location.  Many of our past students required the majority of their mentoring time towards the end of the Programme as they neared the launch of their new photography businesses.  


Full Time Professional Photography Experience

Once we define your individual photography training requirements we can plan time with the core team.  You may need to focus on your shooting or marketing skills with Kate or spend time creating and implementing a back-up system or SEO strategy for your photography business with Brent. You will have also have access to the Lumiere team’s industry partners if that is what you need - for example building your new photography website or developing your client product range. 


Pricing your Photography Business

Hands down this is the biggest subject that we train and mentor fellow photographers on and Brent has developed an indispensable pricing calculator that will enable you to determine a billable hourly rate that will deliver your required turnover.   This ability to forecast will ensure you launch a photography business with a clear understanding of what is required of you to be profitable and the expected associated costs of running your business.