Professional Photography Training 

The foundation programme has been developed to fast track your development into both a confident business owner and professional photographer.  It has been created specifically for people who are very serious about setting up and running a full time photography business.  For many people this will mean a life-changing second career (as it was for Kate). Understandably the foundation programme requires a signficant investment in both time and money and it is selective to ensure that we help you create a professional, profitable business to be proud of.

 The intensive programme lasts 6 months and is divided between 12 days of group sessions and 12 hours of 1to1 mentoring.  

The modules are delivered in 2 day blocks once a month – have a look at the modules section for an overview of the business and photography skills content that will be delivered in the group sessions. The mentoring allows us to work with you individually, according to your specifc needs and is based on 2 hours a month and can be done in person, on skype, email or phone according to your needs and location. 

During the 6 months you will not only have access to the Training byLUMIERE team but also a large network of industry partners who will help you build and deliver a business to be proud of.  We will also organise guest speakers networking, assisting and second shooting opportunities. 

Please contact the team for further information and to discuss your suitability for the programme.    We don't believe in showcasing our own work on this website so instead we have created a gallery of imagery created by our students on the Programme.   If you want to learn more about our photography business then please take a look at and


2017/18 Foundation Programme Cost

The 6 month part time programme costs a total of £7995 and most of our Foundation students opt for a monthly payment plan.   


2017/18 Foundation Programme Dates

9th & 10th October 2017

6th & 7th November 2017

11th & 12th December 2017

22nd & 23rd January 2018

26th & 27th February 2018

26th & 27th March 2018