Professional Photography and Business Training

Training byLUMIERE is offering an alternative experience to the traditional photography education system for those interested in a professional career in photography.  Critically we are different because the team are active and current in the industry – shooting, marketing and selling to customers every day.  We know first hand the ups and downs, the successes and the failures and we will share all this with you in an honest yet supportive way.  Kate has represented the Nikon brand as a UK Ambassador through her Kate Hopewell-Smith Photography business and together we run luxury photography, filming and aerial business


The UK's Most Relevant Photography Training

We believe that we have created the most relevant Foundation Programme in the UK designed to fast track your development into both a confident business owner and professional photographer.   You will not only have access to the Training byLUMIERE team but also a large network of industry partners who will help you build and deliver a business to be proud of. 


Photography Workshops

Outside the core Foundation Programme we also offer half and full day photography workshops which have been developed to fill specific business and technical knowledge gaps that are common to photographers.  You can read many testimonials from our past students here


Photography and Business Mentoring

For those photographers who are already running businesses but struggling with certain aspects then our Mentoring offering will be perfect for you.  


Photography Training Articles

We have also written blog posts on some of the issues that we see again and again - here are some of the topics that we have covered:

 Feeling like giving up as a professional photographer?

My Journey from full time Mum to Professional Photographer

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Marekting your Photography Business

Understanding Search Engine Optimisation for Photography Businesses

Photography Pricing - why is it one of the most difficult buisness decisions to make?

Photography Branding - Does it Matter?

 Photography Copyright Explained


Behind The Scenes of Training byLumiere

It's hard for us to express in words how passionate we are about training fellow photographers.   At times Brent will press 'record' and capture behind the scenes of a training day so if you want to get a sense of how training with us feels then please watch the short videos below. 

Day 2: Confidence with Weddings at Stowe Landscape Gardens:

Confidence with Children on Location at Stowe Landscape Gardens:

Our training environment - very much home from home, relaxed and supportive: